Welcome to the Pre-Conference on Affective Computing web page.  The conference will feature state-of-the-science research on computational techniques for understanding, recognizing and shaping human emotion, and emphasize ways to strengthen interdisciplinary connections between the computational and human sciences of emotion. Invited speakers will discuss the latest research on computational methods, and on how methods can transform research in affective science.

Invited Speakers


The cost to register for the Pre-Conference on Affective Computing will be $95 for students or $125 for faculty. Sign up on the conference registration portal by clicking here.

Pre-Conference Organizers

Jonathan Gratch, University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies
Stefan Scherer, University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies


9:00am 9:10amIntroductory RemarksJonathan GratchUSC ICT
9:10am 9:35am(Invited Talk #1)
Automated Face Analysis and Synthesis for Research and Clinical Use
Jeffrey CohnUniversity of Pittsburgh
9:35am10:00am(Invited Talk #2)
Automatic Affect Analysis: Audio and Autism
Björn SchullerUniversity of Passau and Imperial College London
10:00am10:25am(Invited Talk #3)
On Labels. Theory, Methodology, Practice
Dirk HeylenUniversity of Twente
10:40am10:50am(Blitz #1)
Multi-task Learning for Predicting Happiness, Stress, and Health
Natasha Jaques, Sara Taylor, Ehimwenma Nosakhare, Akane Sano, Rosalind PicardMIT Affective Computing
10:51am11:01am(Blitz #2)
Information Gain Analysis of Behavioral Reactions in PTSD Screenings
Torsten Wortwein and Stefan SchererKIT
11:02am11:12am(Blitz #3)
DCNN and DNN Based Multi-modal Depression Estimation
Le Yang, Dongmei Jiang, Hichem SahliVrije Universiteit Brussel
11:13am11:23am(Blitz #4)
Affectively Aligned Assistive Technology for Persons with Dementia
Jyoti Joshi, Alexandra Konig, Zhengkun Shang, Julie M. Robillard, Linda E. Francis, Jesse HoeyWaterloo
11:24am11:34am(Blitz #5)
Evaluating Attribution of Negative Feedback as a Function of Virtual Instructor's Gender and Proxemics
Dan Feng, David C. Jeong, Lynn C. Miller, Stacy MarsellaNortheastern
11:35am11:45am(Blitz #6)
Classifying the Context and Emotion of Dog Barks: A Comparison of Acoustic Feature Representations
Nicholas Cummins, Simone Hantke, Sebastian Schnieder, Jarek Krajewski, Bjorn SchullerUniversity of Passau
11:45am 1:15pmLunch
1:15pm 1:40pm(Invited Talk #4)
Affective Social Robots for Children
Cynthia BreazealMIT Media Labs
1:40pm 2:05pm(Invited Talk #5)
First Steps towards Exploring Emotional Intelligence in Human-Robot Interaction
Matthias ScheutzTufts University
2:05pm 2:30pm(Invited Talk #6)
Beyond Boredom and Bewilderment: Coordinating Feeling and Thinking During Learning
Sidney D'MelloUniversity of Notre Dame
2:30pm 3:15pmPoster Session
Sponsored by
Emotions and Reinforcement Learning: an integrative approach towards understanding emotions and their relation to adaptive behavior.Joost BroekensTU Delft
Learning Representations of Emotional Speech with Deep Convolution Generative Adversarial NetworksJonathan Chang, Stefan SchererUSC ICT
Affective Computing Meets Labor Economics: Assessing the Role of Emotional Regulation on Late Stage Intervention to Foster EntrepreneurshipPablo A. Egana del SolMIT Affective Computing
A Smile that destroys trust: an analysis of smiling following a social transgressionSu Lei, Giota Stratou, Jonathan GratchUSC ICT
Challenges of Designing Emotional, Conversational AgentsDaniel McDuff, Mary CzerwinskiMSR
The Effects of Pre-task Team Collaboration on Facial Expression and Speech EntrainmentCatherine Neubauer, Stefan SchererUSC ICT, ARL
Leveraging the Deep Learning Paradigm for Affect Estimation from Facial ExpressionsMeshia C ́edric Oveneke, Dongmei Jiang, Hichem SahliVrije Universiteit Brussel
Emergence of Emotional Appraisal Signals in Reinforcement Learning AgentsPedro SequeiraNortheastern
Leveraging Appraisal Theory and Multi-Label Classification to Predict EmotionJennifer Yih, Benjamin Z. ChanStanford
A Bayesian Approach to Integrating Prediction and Perception of EmotionNutchanon Yongsatianchot, Stacy MarsellaNortheastern
3:16pm 3:26pm(Blitz #7)
Rational inference of beliefs and desires from emotional expressions
Yang Wu, Chris L. Baker, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Laura E. SchulzMIT Brain and CogSci
3:27pm 3:37pm(Blitz #8)
Towards studying affective cognition in naturalistic contexts
Desmond C. Ong, Jamil Zaki, Noah D. GoodmanStanford
3:38pm 3:48pm(Blitz #9)
Large-scale Observational Evidence of Cross-Cultural Differences in Facial Behavior
Daniel McDuff, Jeffrey M GirardMSR, Affectiva
3:49pm 3:59pm(Blitz #10)
Automatic Emotion Recognition: Quantifying Dynamics and Structure in Audio-Visual Human Behavior
Yelin KimUniversity at Albany, SUNY